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Born Andre Deliceano Miller, from Harlem New York, had a vision of building a cigar empire and he turned that vision into reality, that vision blossomed into the blueprint and well-built infrastructure. The Champ Millz Group, LLC which is the parent company of Champ Millz Cigars was founded by well-known businessman Andre "Champ Millz" Miller in 2014 location Miami Florida.


Andre "Champ Millz" Miller has 19 years in Corporate America under his belt with an extensive business savvy background and brokering lucrative deals in the music industry with the likes of Busta Rhymes. Mr. Andre Miller brings a wealth of business finesse to the table with the Champ Millz brand.


The Premium Cigar brand caters to all genres and walks of life, stated by the CEO himself. Our taste is phenomenal, and I am proud to have my name and face representing a brand that I believe in.

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